Monday, May 21, 2012


Reports indicate that the numbers of CIT staff complaints after the Workplace Relations Commissioner Mark McCabe's report came down now total 50 and grow daily.  

There could not be a better time for past and present staff and students to report their experiences to one of the commissioners. Even if you do not need action, if you have moved on, think about those who are still suffering. 

Telling your story will help to create a bigger picture for CIT so that the CEO will be under no illusion that the bullying and/or unprofessional behaviour has affected the lives and careers of many. CIT requires a total cultural change where the 'insiders' can no longer run the place like their own private kingdom using nepotism to employ family friends and those they are in a relationship with. Some management at CIT need reminding that the core business of CIT is PUBLIC education and not an opportunity for their own personal kingdom building.  CIT is owned by the tax payer and the cronies are answerable to us all.

For complaints of unprofessional behaviour as a student or a staff member including sexual harassment write to the Commissioner for Public Administration Andrew Kefford:

For complaints of bullying and harassment that affected your safety/mental health as a staff member or student write to The Commissioner for Work Safety Mark McCabe:

The CEO of CIT is Adrian Marron:

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