Sunday, May 27, 2012


The front page of today's Canberra Times shows that (as I said last week) CIT are being hit by many more claims.

Minister Chris Bourke and CIT CEO Colin Adrian both note that many are 'old claims'. 

""The office of Education Minister Chris Bourke, who has demanded weekly updates on the workplace culture at CIT in the wake of the WorkSafe report, said many of the complaints that Mr Kefford was looking into were not new matters.
''These are a series of complaints that in some cases go back many years,'' he said.
''They are not necessarily complaints that have originated since April.
''The fact that complaints have now come forward indicates a confidence in the system that has been put in place."" (Chris Bourke).

"''Some of the things that [Mr Kefford] is dealing with relate to things that happened some years ago.
''But there are things that need to be dealt with that are current and we're very keen to do that.''" (CEO of CIT Adrian Marron)

I am not sure why they felt it was important to stress this. Do they mean that CIT is a great place now? The fact that they are old claims only further proves how lax CIT past systems have been. As the Canberra Times article says;

""The report [Mark McCabes] found CIT's systems were so poor they effectively protected bullies and left staff afraid to speak out about their treatment.""

If 'old' claimants are coming forward it shows that these people have been living and are still living with the stress and results of this bullying/ mismanagement/unprofessional behaviour for some time now. I am one such person and others like me are writing to me daily ... I wonder why they are not writing to CIT's current 'fix it' management? All have expressed they still feel the futility and fear of this which is why many have or intend to write to the commissioner. What has CIT done to personally approach and help these people? Some people are in such distress they are beginning to form loose self-help groups to cope! Many of these are casuals who have been shafted. If they are not on CIT's current staff email how do they get to read of what the CEO intends to do? Do they get Adrian Marron' updates? They are STILL out in the cold unsupported and they KNOW many of their bullies still work in the comforting arms of protection at CIT! Is it any wonder they write straight to the commissioner? Here is a direct invitation from Andrew Kefford from the same article:

"''While the number of complaints is of concern, I would encourage any person holding information relevant to the examination of these or other complaints to raise those concerns with my office.''" (Andrew Kefford, The Canberra Times May 27 2012)

How confident can we be that past wrongs will be righted and that bullies will be punished? More later.

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