Saturday, May 12, 2012

Squashing Student information and free speech at CIT

Below is a thread of conversation from THE RIOTACT with my comments on the bottom. It is very worrying as someone at CIT has called students together and given them 'strategies' to cope with questions!

The Dark10:13 pm, 13 Apr 12

MWF said :

    The Dark said :

        What the hell? Incidents where bullying has caused injury sufficient to necessitate workers comp payouts… Intense. As a current CIT student, I wish they had more details, like which campus or industry, anyone know more?


    Do you really think such information would be given to students?

    However it should.

    The “senior managers” in the report involved should be named and shamed. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen.

    I have heard on the grapevine that one of the senior managers involved in this inconvenience conveniently left the employ of said Institute a couple of weeks prior to this report becoming public.

Funnily enough, they did, the head of our department came and spoke with us today about it, not entirely conclusive, but enough, also filled us in on our options incase we were quizzed about it by members of the general public should we come in contact with curious/nosey people.

In the end, all I really care about is that it wasn’t anything to do with my classes or people relevant to them.

From Lorese .... what you have written above LFMAO (I think) about someone at CIT calling you students together and giving you 'options' about what to say is appalling! How dare they try to limit your free speech! And the emotive language of curious/nosey? WTF???? This goes to the root of the problem there ... they continue to try to squash information. Guess who owns CIT? - WE ALL DO. SHould we have an opinion about what happens there with OUR PUBLIC MONEY? YES WE SHOULD! LFMAO ... you should write to the commissioner yourself and report this as another case of bullying! I'd love you to write to me and tell me who that person was ... I have a bit of an idea actually.

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