Sunday, May 13, 2012

Canberra Institute of Technology

By 14 May, 2012


 Many things are ‘rotten in the state of Denmark’  … I am desperately hoping that the CEO of CIT Adrian Marron will take on the recent media reports not as a threat but as an opportunity to cut out what’s rotten. And believe me, there is a lot of rot! CIT has allowed corruption and bullying to go on for years. Some of the main bullies have had ‘protected status’ and despite many complaints against them have been promoted. It makes you wonder whether being a bully is the way to get ahead in the public service. The recent report by the Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe confirms that this is the case:

In my recent discussions with senior staff (the very same ones who did nothing about past bullying) I said to them at least 3 times “Please for once, can’t CIT and you as their representatives do what is RIGHT and not what you can legally get away with?”. I was met with stoney silence.

The commissioners report names the section at CIT responsible for this kind of treatment. One of these staff members has retired, the other still sits in his ivory tower. They will probably just send him to a couple of courses and think that that will solve the inertia of years and the torment and despair of many good and honest staff.

The staff most at risk of bullying at CIT are casual staff which make up almost half of the workforce at CIT. The rights and  protection of casual staff need urgently addressing by education unions. Despite the recent bad press unions have been getting I would encourage everyone to join a union … the workplace is likely to get nastier and not nicer. You have a better chance of some protection in a union.

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