Thursday, May 17, 2012


Whistle Blowers are unpopular and even hated in the workplace when they tell their stories of bullying or unprofessional behaviour. I am not popular among the bullies at CIT but do I care? Not at all! Over the last few days  I have heard many new stories of serious unprofessional behaviour at CIT. People who 'blew the whistle' on this kind of behaviour in the past for the most part left in despair at ever receiving justice because those who had an interest in keeping the whistle blower quiet had a lot to lose, and were part of a coterie very high up at CIT in positions of power where they had the power to keep it quiet - but that power is fast disappearing.

With the latest investigations we all hope that CIT will be finally forced to deal with this group as well as people in management positions who are not qualified to be there but got where they are due to cronyism. Adrian Marron has written to all staff assuring them that he is taking all issues very seriously and will transparently deal with what is exposed. Most of the less than professional staff and their working habits were firmly entrenched in the system years before Adrian Marrron came to CIT and I would imagine a lot of this information is news to him as well.

My own situation is that I was subject to bullying and unprofessional behaviour. I still work at CIT and respect many people there. However, I refuse to keep quiet even if it eventually means my job  (it has already meant half of my job). Silence is not golden in this situation; it is what got us into this mess in the first place. I want to see decent and fair people at the top and an end to bullying, unprofessional behaviour and nepotism - all issues named as such in the commissioners report.

Now is the time for any current or past employees and students of CIT to speak out. There could not be a better time. By speaking out I mean to simply write a letter to one of the addresses below and CC your email to Adrian Marron. If you decide to write directly to the commissioners, it is incumbent upon them to relay your complaint to the CEO of CIT Adrian Marron and you WILL BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY THIS TIME. You could ask for your name to be kept confidential but why bother? I am using my own name here in the interests of complete transparency. 

Be fearless ... you used to fear them. Now is the time to stop.

For complaints of unprofessional behaviour as a student or a staff member including sexual harassment write to the Commissioner for Public Administration Andrew Kefford:

For complaints of bullying and harassment that affected your safety/mental health as a staff member or student write to The Commissioner for Work Safety; Mark McCabe, email;

The CEO of CIT is Adrian Marron:

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