Friday, May 25, 2012


Hansard of the 8th of May 2012  shows that questions are being asked of Dr Bourke Minister for Education, whether now that Commissioner Mark McCabe's findings have identified that bullying has been going on at CIT for years AND has not been dealt with, besides the improvement notice, what will happen to the perpetrators of past bullying ...

" MR HANSON: What disciplinary action has been taken against, or counselling
provided to, the perpetrators of the bullying?
DR BOURKE: Disciplinary action and counselling is a matter for the particular
workplace agreements which people are employed under. Those recommendations are
the responsibility of the agency—
Members interjecting—
MR SPEAKER: Order! I cannot hear the minister.
DR BOURKE: as well as the Commissioner for Public Administration.
MR SPEAKER: Ms Bresnan on a supplementary.
Members interjecting—
MR SPEAKER: Order! Ms Bresnan has the floor.
MS BRESNAN: Thank you, Mr Speaker. Minister, would having specialist expertise
in bullying within WorkSafe have assisted in this situation?
DR BOURKE: I thank the member for her question. No, I do not believe so. The
report by WorkSafe ACT was comprehensive and detailed. The outcome was, as we
know, that an improvement notice was issued to the CIT. I was extremely
disappointed that this had happened and to reinforce that improvement notice is why I
issued a directive under the CIT act for them both to comply with that improvement
notice and to report to me on a weekly basis. "

Eva Kretowicz of The Canberra Times May 14, 2012 was more sucessful in pushing Dr Bourke into more details about consequences for the bullies of the past in her article, 'CIT knew in 2010 of workplace problems'

She quotes Dr Bourke as saying ...  " ''Things have changed … for the first time public organisations are liable for prosecution in the same way private enterprise has been liable in the past … there was an apology issued by the CEO Adrian Marron after the WorkSafe report came out and I think that represents a mind shift in the organisation.''

But Dr Bourke said people would be held accountable for the lapses.

''The commissioner for public administration is going to be undertaking an investigation of the past allegations that have been brought to his attention … if he finds misconduct has occurred then individuals will be dealt with accordingly. I'm very clear about that. There has to be a process. We can't sack people willy-nilly, but if people are found [guilty] of wrongdoing they should appropriately dealt with as in any other workplace.'' "

Watch this space.

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