Sunday, May 6, 2012

You could have been our champion Adrian

In case I have not made myself plain enough, CIT has had a culture of bullying for some years now.

I have experienced it in more than one area of CIT. It is a sad situation as CIT also has many people of strong ethics and amazing talents. When the current CEO Adrian Marron arrived on the scene, there were already cases recorded (certainly mine) as well as others in progress. I am so disapointed as he could have been our champion but instead he told the Canberra Times that;

 " ''.. he was not, and is not'' aware of any culture of bullying and harassment at the institute - although he was made aware of the allegations which are being investigated by WorkSafe.

''Nobody has made a formal complaint to us and we don't have any formal complaints on record,'' "

He could still be our champion if he so chooses. Julia Knight (see same article) is quite right when she says that some of the bullies were (are) high up. This is why complaints were buried, they may even have been 'buried' from Adrians eyes. Who knows? He could find out quite easily now by asking people ... he could ask me. He could ask people who have witnessed it over 20 years. He could ask the COAL FACE of teachers (particularly casual teachers).

In my case Adrian has allowed the  CIT system to further bully me by passing my 'case' off to those who have failed in the past to deal properly with bullies. He has never met or spoken directly to me but he has to my bullies because they are full time and I am 'only' a casual. I last wrote to him in appeal two weeks ago - I am still waiting for an answer.

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