Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I was very encouraged by my meeting with Andrew Kefford and one of his investigators today. I trust the commissioner and the process he is undertaking.

When you are feeling threatened by the whistle blowing process, what you need to remember is that you and your story of bullying at CIT are a brick in the wall that is vital to the process of completing the whole building. There are some Humpty Dumpties  that need to fall as well as some good folks who just need more direction with better processes in place.

If you are a brick then many other bricks are beside you and support you on either side. You are not alone, and you are not exposed to the world and you never will be.

I have heard fears from people bullied by CIT  from having legal action taken against them to losing their home in a legal battle. After today, let me assure you this WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Your story to the commissioner is all that is required. He and his investigators will put the story together into a more formal document that you can read, ponder, and decide to sign or not as evidence.

If all you have with the commissioner is a discussion, this will still help him to put another brick in the wall and will enable the most effective report in the long run.

Let me say, protections are there. If by chance there were legal attacks, you will have access to resources.

Let me also say that this scenario is very very unlikely as the commissioner and the investigators are not idiots ... they have carried out these kinds of investigations and reports for years ... they cannot afford to have it run to legal battles ... it is not their intention. They recognise that people are not legal experts and may express themselves poorly or have little evidence for claims of things they experienced at CIT.

Feel safe, and feel free to contact Andrew Kefford. Don't let your voice go unheard.

Tell Andrew your story at: andrew.kefford@act.gov.au


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