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June 22, 2012.

"In April, WorkSafe ACT released a scathing report about how CIT was handling workplace bullying.

It found CIT's policies were failing to protect workers, and some of the alleged perpetrators were senior staff.

The report also claimed there was a reluctance by CIT to accept there was a problem.

The organisation had been given six months to improve its procedures and practices.

But in budget estimates, Canberra Liberal Steve Dozpot questioned the Government about the people tasked with fixing the problem.

"The presumption is that people who were in fact the bullies are sitting on committees at the moment looking into the very thing they're meant to be addressing," he said.

"But Education Minister Chris Bourke says that is an outrageous allegation."

Mr Bourke says CIT has taken the report's findings very seriously and he is confident things are changing.

CIT's Adrian Marron says the process will take time.

"This is the most important thing that we've got to get right," he said.

Mr Bourke backed Mr Marron, saying that all staff were on board, and if nothing changes, CIT could risk prosecution."

Steve Dozpot has a point. I have said the same ... when will CIT appoint someone in a consultative position who other victims will trust? When will CIT realise the  'top down' treatment is only a part of the solution if it is any solution  at all? After all, the victims have felt the fury of those at the top when they tried in the past to get some justice, why oh why would they trust the current process as it stands? When will they ASK THE VICTIMS how they feel and what they would like done?

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