Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Unprofessional behaviour otherwise called bullying is so constant and such a part of the ethos at CIT that many of us ignore it and move on. This is what I did when I worked in the Office of the ...

 When you are otherwise a resilient person, you tend to take a lot of bullying as par for the course but when it happens constantly you begin to doubt yourself and wonder what is wrong with you that so many people seem to think it is ok to bully you? I began to joke with friends that I must have had a red flashing light on my head that said ‘easy target here’.

A tight group of senior people at CIT Reid have controled everything that happens there and they seem to be in a loose ‘coterie’ of spoilers. Sometimes they fight among themselves, at other times they work in unison against others. To say that they behave like a bunch of petulant children is to be excessively kind. I have often said that they do not seem to realise that the core business of CIT is education. CIT  is about the students, certainly not about their need to control others and advance their own careers. While working in the miasma that is the administrative arm of the CIT you could forget that students exist at all...

SO today I am off the see the wizard who I hope will be the wizard of justice. After today I may have a better idea of what else I can get away with on this blog.

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