Monday, June 4, 2012


Photo by Ralph Clevenger
Last nights News on WIN TV is but the tip of the iceberg as previously reported here. I have been unable to find an online version of the story, apparently WIN TV  does not load video news. Working on it.

Update 7/6/12 Strangely unlike most other TV channels, WIN tells me they don't load their news online because of copyright and other issues... weird, if it is their news don't they own the copyright? Anyway, they will sell me a CD of a single story for $80 but obviously I would not be able to load it. So sorry folks, I can't provide a link to the story but plenty of people have recorded it so if you missed it ... search them out.

Anyway, back to the story that I can repeat as it's out there in the public domain. The WIN NEWS of 4/6/12 interviewed a former CIT staff member who spoke of being targeted after he/she complained of inappropriate sexual contact between a staff member and a student, resulting in them losing their job.

This person then went on to say that the bullies who took exception to the complaint were protected by an 'inner circle' of higher management at CIT. That this has been my experience and the experience of everyone else I have ever spoken to in my situation - I can confirm. I can also confirm that in many but not all cases, the staff member was an easy target as they were 'casual'. I will also point out that this case is new to me - it is not the situation I was referring to in my own post a week or so back about the same issue. So, same issue different people ... only goes to show that 'tip of the iceberg' is a perfect analogy.

For some reason, higher management go in to bat for the full timers leaving the casuals out to dry. As I have already pointed out in previous posts, this is backed up by Commissioner Mark McCabes report. Therefore, in the future we should see some new policies in regards to what constitutes casual employment, and better protection for the same.

If CIT don't do this themselves, plenty of us will be pushing the union to do so. Lets see what happens when the flying shit settles into real action at CIT.


  1. I feel your pain.

    If WIN weren't stuck in some 1990s internet time warp, I could check right away if I remember the number of complaints mentioned in that story correctly. I thought they said 24.

    But this Canberra Times story from shortly before the WIN story indicates it could be much, much worse!

    Such a huge discrepancy in the reporting of the "facts" doesn't say much for journalistic standards does it? The CT story seems to indicate Mr Kefford's office was the source.

    Either way, the numbers involved are simply scandalous. In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they weren't even higher by now.


  2. Hi C

    From what I understand (in the media somewhere!)there are some 39 complaints from some 24 people. This shows that some of the people are complaining about the same situation ... probably a good thing if it's a particularly nasty one and we know several are.

    1. "... probably a good thing if it's a particularly nasty one and we know several are."


      Oh I see! [facepalm] You know who I am and we know people in common! Silly me!

      Just goes to show how systemic the problems at CIT are if different victims are randomly stumbling across each other on the internet. :(

      Thanks for the clarification. As I said, either way the numbers are scandalous.

      If I get the chance I'll dig out the links for Brian Martin's web site. He's from the Uni of Wollongong; involved in Whistleblowers Australia.

      Anyway, on his site there are articles that refer to research which indicates pretty much 100% of people caught up in whistleblowing/suppression of dissent cases try to have the matter resolved through the "proper channels". They're naturally conservative people who believe that "justice will prevail".

      Unfortunately, only one in 10 of them ever get any justice.

      So consider that. We might actually end up being one of the chosen one in 10. Lucky old 24 of us. Extrapolating on those figures, there could be at least 216 cases Mr Kefford will never hear about because those people have simply given up on "the proper channels".

      Which reminds me of the Just World Hypothesis/Fallacy.

      It's only a hypothesis, of course, so it's scientific validity has to be approached with a certain degree of scepticism. And if real, it would seem its effects are both good and bad.

      But as you clearly have an intellectual interest in issues surrounding whistleblowing/suppression of dissent, bullying etc. (and of course they're inextricably linked), I'd recommend Wikipedia's resources as an excellent starting point (just start with bullying and follow the hyperlinks that take your fancy).

      If only governments could be as efficient as crowd sourced internet encyclopedias that rely entirely on donations.....

      I have to say, I was a little perturbed that the Work Safety Report didn't mention the word "mobbing" at the very least. I guess you just have to have faith but it makes me wonder because how can you seriously talk about bullying at CIT and not mention "mobbing"? :\

    2. Ha! Yes, I hope to be one of the chosen of the 24 (I doubt it, have shot my mouth off way too much I am guessing). Thanks for those links ... had not heard of the one from Gong uni. I am also ignorant of the term 'mobbing' but will go look it up now.


    3. Oh you mightn't have heard of the term before but I'd be prepared to bet you've had some very nasty personal experience of mobbing already.


    4. I don't think this distinction between CIT victims is terribly helpful.

      I believe we might know someone in common who was a permanent employee (once f/t) who still ended up being bullied.

      As I now work as a casual at another educational institution, I know casual and contract work can have its issues. But nowadays I don't lie awake at night worrying if I'm about to lose my job (or get kicked out of school) because I know they have processes in place that they actually follow.

      CIT has an institutionalized culture of bullying that extends across generations of management. Given its record up until now, there's a snowflakes chance in hell of them solving that not inconsiderable problem let alone any of the "big picture" issues.

    5. Oh and I won't be happy to be one of the chosen 24 because I feel too bad for the 216+ who'll never get a look in. I'll be satisfied (but not happy) when someone makes the number of victims reduced as near as possible to zero.

      And while I respect and acknowledge an apology from CIT is important to some victims, AFAIC they can take their apology and shove it where the sun don't shine. Because an apology that I know could never be sincere isn't worth jackshit.

      CIT did me one favor. At least I didn't get to finish my course. I'd be ashamed to hold a qualification from a dump like CIT.