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Transcript of WIN News Exclusive on CIT Bullying, Monday 4 June 2012

Danielle Post (Presenter): Tonight a WIN Exclusive.  A former CIT employee speaks out about bullying …  Good evening, I'm Danielle Post.  The Canberra Institute of Technology has just months left to fix its policies after WorkSafe found it to have widespread reported bullying and harassment.  Tonight we bring you an insider's account.  I spoke with an alleged victim who wanted to go public in the hope others will come forward with formal complaints.  Explosive details about complaints lodged with the Commissioner.

Former CIT employee:  There was a significant level of staff on student bullying.  That's mainly teacher on student bullying, and also quite a significant level of staff on staff bullying as well.

Danielle Post:  According to this man who has requested his identity be protected, of the more than 1000 staff members there was a small core group and an outer circle of offenders.  He's lodged complaints relating to sexual misconduct relating to two females.

Former CIT employee:  one in her late teens and one in her early twenties reported to me that they were basically groped by a drunk male teacher.  It was seen to be a perk of the job for these male teachers to have their ways with these female students.

Danielle Post:  At the time, many other alleged incidents were also reported to CIT.

Former CIT employee:  After they made the complaint they turned up to the next class where the teacher threatened them that if the raiser of the complaint didn't own up to who made the complaint, the students wouldn't be allowed to finish off a test that they needed to complete to pass the subject, so most of them basically just dropped out.

Danielle Post:  The alleged bullying and harassment came through various forms – emails and phone calls, and staff being told to report to managers who were at the centre of individual complaints.

Former CIT employee:  I've had people tell me that they were not allowed to talk to me.  I was told, I was given directives, that I wasn't allowed to talk to other people.

Danielle Post:  So the cases that we know of now, is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Former CIT employee:  I would imagine that there are more complaints to follow, and as I've said, there's a whole lot of people who really should be making complaints against those people who forced them to lie and remain silent.

Danielle Post:  An investigation into the complaints is now being led by the Commissioner for Public Administration.  The Opposition claims, though, the Government was told years ago.

Steve Doszpot, Shadow Minister for Education:  The issues were coming case after case.  And it wasn't just the odd situation.  There has been a history of this.

Former CIT employee:  I can't have years of my life that have been so badly affected suddenly given back to me.  I mean, it's taken a lot of people a long time to issue long overdue apologies and explanations for the extraordinary amount of wrong that's been done.

Danielle Post:  The Education Minister says he's working to remedy the situation, giving CIT until mid-October to fix its procedures.

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