Sunday, June 10, 2012


 It's about time!

"Whistleblowers in the ACT public service will be allowed to take their complaints directly to journalists under new laws proposed by the ACT government.
The government tabled legislation in the Legislative Assembly yesterday that will overhaul the territory's public disclosure laws and give greater protection to whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing in the public sector.

If passed by the Assembly, the laws will make the ACT the first jurisdiction in Australia to protect whistleblowers who speak to the media because they have no other safe option for exposing a matter of public interest." Canberra Times June 8, 2012.

This  ACT Government initiative if its gets up, will blow the lid on bullies and expose the secrets and inner circle dealings of public service departments such as CIT to the bright light of day. Those with ethics will no longer be afraid to lose their jobs by speaking the truth. They will speak up for themselves and often more importantly, for others. 

Are the public aware that a favourite trick of some departments is to slap AVO's on disgruntled staff and students who 'protest too much' ... ie  by stopping them even sending an email asking for justice? This cynical little trick will no longer work. If our workplace refuses to look into complaints or  worse as we have seen at CIT actively puts a lid on  them effectively protecting bullies, a well aimed shout, no longer a whisper into a journalists ear will do wonders!

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