Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I will never be bigger than you dearest boss.
I don't need to define what bullying is as the Federal Government has already done that through their agency Worksafe Australia: http://www.safework.sa.gov.au/contentPages/ManagingSafety/ProblemsAtWork/BullyingAreYou.htm

What I do want to point out though, are some examples of bullying at CIT through rude unprofessional behaviour because I don't think the bullies get it - they have behaved the way they do for so long they do not recognise it as bullying. Safe in their ivory tower, well paid and surrounded by handpicked staff who adore them - they feel secure - for now.

This kind of bully decides who to like or not to like depending on whether this person is a 'yes person'. Trouble is, being a 'yes person' to this bully means that you have to grovel, agree, defer to, and otherwise make the bully feel that you are appreciative of 'everything they do for you' -, yep, this kind of narcissist actually believes that because they hired you, you OWE them! When you do leave - sick and tired of the unprofessional behaviour around you and refusing to play the game - this person often has the audacity to be angry with you and may even say; "You are leaving? After all I have done for you?" 

Don't ever disagree with them and do not challenge them in any way. And do not ever ever let on that you are more qualified than them - but if you were personally hired by them that will never happen anyway. You will need to put up with their rude brusque and condescending manner towards you, and you will have to stand by when they mistreat other staff - but don't worry, if you endure to the end you will be rewarded - with permanency most likely, but along the way you will have sold your soul.

If you come to work for them from another centre, you will have to dislike the staff they dislike, and in meetings it helps if you criticise other centres and praise their better judgment. It helps if you snicker when they criticise the work of others - they will love you for that.

This kind of bully is autocratic and thinks no one can do the job properly but them. They like to criticise the work of others not inside their 'inner circle'. They will even do it at meetings to those they feel threatened by - usually those who have crossed them once or twice.

I pointed out to someone suffering under this regime last week that it is time to stand up to such people. The scene has been set, CIT has been ordered to remedy - they cannot afford to keep speaking to you as they do.  Stand up for yourself, just say 'I really do not like the way you speak to me' - they won't agree with you, but keep at it. If things do not improve, put in a formal complaint.

Don't forget, if they are treating you like this chances are there are others, and these others may have put in complaints. Bullying and/or unprofessional or just rude behaviour should not be tolerated. You deserve professional respect. It is time for it to stop.

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