Sunday, July 29, 2012


Public servents in hysterics
A quick blog today while my followers (now totalling 2,700) digest the contents of The Comedy or Errors. Many are writing to me and giggling into their cornflakes as we speak.
I have long wondered WHY the situation was what is was and is as it is. What do the five and others have to gain? What is their connection to each other besides their high CIT birth? Why did Pantelone protect them even as they tore down work he - the kings second had already put up? Was he afraid of them? Did they have something on him? Were they holding something over him?

I wondered what club they were in together, what secret society - was it the the Club of Rome? The Illuminati? The Mystery 666 Club? The Rosicrucians? Are they all Masons? I know Pantelone was a bag man after all ... The story I am about to tell you may not be true so please do not quote me on it ...

A lowly CIT servant was gathering mushrooms that had grown in the dungeons of one of the Land of CITs holdings. Hearing a strange chanting, an even stranger smell of incense that smelled strangely like morning coffee and some flickering  light, he crept slowly through the jumbled mess of old folders, papers, desks and archives. Peeping around the last dusty filing cabinet who should he see stark naked except for strange pointed hats but several of the nobel gang I dare not name. Each held a candle aloft in one hand and the other was placed on a strange item in the middle of the floor in such a way that all of their hands were piled each on top of the other.

Under their joined hands were certain CIT documents that the servent could not see clearly but based on what he heard next, it appears they were copies of the collected complaints by many lowly servents who had been victims of these bullies. As they held onto the papers they danced and sang in a circle chanting a strange dirge which at this time I dare not utter in full for fear it will cast some spell .. but I have to report that it was along the lines of making all of the negative complaints go away by magic. They are losing their grip, the old magic has gone, the truth is breaking through the spells and glamours they have woven around the facts and their evil machinations for many many years. There is a new king, a new era and I have to report that those concerned are after all - ALL IN THE SAME COVEN! ...

The CIT inner sanctum

The secret meeting

Two coven members talk strategy