Friday, July 20, 2012


"Ok CIT employees, sing it like I tell you or else".
Next we will have a CIT choir singing 'Save our world, change CIT, make it a better place for all to work'. Ha, I am of quite a negative mind today. I have filled out the Great Place to Work Employee Survey .. not that CIT need another survey to tell them how unhappy people are. As Glenn Fowler said in his opinion piece;

Not only are CIT teachers overrepresented when it comes to formal complaints made to the Work Safety Commissioner and the Commissioner for Public Administration (there are now dozens), but their morale is low and getting lower. Almost four years ago, in July 2008, the Australian Education Union (AEU) discovered through a member survey that 71 per cent of CIT teaching staff had considered leaving their jobs in the 12 months prior to the survey.

Furthermore, 69 per cent of the teachers surveyed cited workplace stress as the issue of greatest concern, the most common cause of which was an unacceptably high workload. This information has been provided to the ACT Government through the union's last few annual budget submissions, so it is not as if nobody has known about it.

Then again, as the Great Place to Work Survey is for CURRENT STAFF not the ones who have been used, abused, sacked, shafted and so on, seems they are fishing for positive feedback .. except from a few like me of course with one foot in and one out.

I tried to take the online employee anti bully training too but the site would not open despite me changing the password several times - the bloody bully! Staff who have taken it tell me they found it ludicrous. It prompts you to come up with the correct answer so that everyone gets 100% on the test, then you get to print yourself out a nice little certificate. Well, that'll fix the bullies at CIT good and proper! 

On a more serious note, if some heads do not roll after all of the complaints are in and properly investigated (as is happening currently) I will never believe in truth justice and the Australian way ever again! I am definitely no believer in the CIT way at present ... wonder if I will ever get to believe again?

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