Sunday, July 15, 2012


Could it be that the bullies have not only been promoted but are actually sitting on the Workplace Improvement Committee? Myself and I assure you other victims know they are ...

See statements by minister Chris  Bourke at the Legislative Assembly Estimates session on 22 June as at:

on page P695 as follows:

Dr Bourke: That is an outrageous allegation, Mr Doszpot, which you have no
evidence to support. You have no evidence to support that allegation.

MR DOSZPOT: How did people lose their positions, minister? How did people
lose their positions?

Dr Bourke: You have no evidence to support the allegation that you have just
made that people who have been bullying other people are sitting on the
workplace improvement committee.

MR DOSZPOT: I am asking you: are you comfortable that there are no people in
that category sitting on that committee? That is what I am asking you.

Dr Bourke: Yes.

MR DOSZPOT: And what do you base that on?

Dr Bourke: On the advice that I have received.

THE CHAIR: Thank you.

Dr Bourke: And I will have Mr Marron say something as well, thank you.

MR DOSZPOT: Thank you.

Mr Marron: That advice would come primarily from me. I am comfortable, in
answer to your question, * that it is not the case. The other evidence that I
put forward to the minister-sorry to be repetitive-is the absolute
seriousness and vigour and rigour with which we have embraced the
recommendations of the WorkSafe report. That is driven through the action
group. The progress has been substantial to date and it will, as I have said
before, go beyond the minimum that might be suggested by the WorkSafe
report. So it is the actions as well as the assurance that ought to give the
minister some comfort.

                                                  - end of transcript -

Well, I do think it is the case * and I will be speaking to the government investigator about it this week. Other victims are doing likewise so Adrian Marron may yet learn some unpalatable facts. A pity that he and Mr Bourke are not jumping to the defence of the victims as they jump to the defence of those entrenched managers at CIT ... I can just smell the righteous indignation ... WHERE IS THE RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION ON BEHALF OF VICTIMS?

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