Saturday, August 18, 2012


'Creepy Uncle' from CIT at the pub with the students
There are now over 3050 hits on this blog so obviously there are people who are still very interested in what is going on. The investigators are currently wading through the 50+ complaints. There is one nasty little fellow with 11 against him alone so I hope he is pulling his horns in as we speak … he has felt quite invulnerable after getting away with it for 20 years. Amazing isn’t it what CIT have allowed?

22/8/12 Errr.... this photo is a random one from the internet so you can relax ... these people are not from CIT. Just remember though ... the pic may be false but the situation (and worse) is true. A few sleeze bags at said educational institution need taking down.

What do you think about a VERY senior person at CIT who said "Teachers and Students are welcome to have relationships at CIT"? Ok, fair enough if the playing field is equal and it is a relationship between ADULTS, has been disclosed AND said teacher is no longer teaching/marking the work of said student. But what if said teacher is 35 years older than said STUDENTS PLURAL? And it is not a relationship but a case of ... well, serial sleeziness. What if said teacher sleeps with student, then employs student to make it all seem 'kosher'?

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