Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is a long response so I have cut and pasted it here, from Dr Mark Drummond, former CIT teacher, to the previous post on the future autonomy and 'therefore' cost saving to CIT.

Could the Canberra Times obtain and report on this Treasury report that claims that CIT could achieve $7 million per annum in savings through various economic rationalist type reforms including greater autonomy?  It'd be interesting to see if these savings were envisaged through (1) greater use of casual staff and "teaching" staff without teaching qualifications (like assistant teachers – with utmost respect to them and their important roles) in breach of CIT's legal obligations under industrial and service quality laws and policies, (2) larger class sizes which are probably totally feasible for subjects like maths which could work well under a lecture-tutorial model, but would breach safety regulations in many other subjects, and so on.

Similar hitherto unrevealed reports might also exist in connection with CIT's major restructure that came into effect on 1 Jan 2008, and smaller but still significant restructures which took place around the time of the school closures in 2006.  Members of the ACT public have the right to see all of these documents and judge for themselves the merits of plans to restructure agencies which exist for their benefit and are paid for by their taxes.

CIT's 2008 restructure was very hastily planned and implemented, with the Head of Department teaching management positions at the heart of CIT's core business a belated afterthought, and the resultant structure – or lack of structure more to the point – has never sustainably bedded down, and this climate of constant financial pressure and constant pressure to reform and restructure has undoubtedly been responsible for much of the maladministration, corruption, bullying and harassment which is now at last being taken seriously as always legally demanded under the ACT Public Sector Management Act, ACT occupational health and safety laws, Commonwealth laws applying to CIT, and other legal requirements.

Dr Mark Drummond 1/8/12

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