Wednesday, August 1, 2012


You sure you guys know what ya doin?
Canberra Times Journalist Emma Macdonald writes today 1/8/12;

“The Canberra Institute of Technology has managed to hold onto enrolments this year despite unprecedented competition for students from the University
of Canberra and Australian National University.”

But after a rejection of the CIT/UCAN merger, the Bradley review recommends that CIT have greater autonomy from the ACT Government. This is a frightening prospect and I wonder just what it would mean for fair play by CIT consider the deep do do they are in at the moment? Macdonald goes on to say;

“With the CIT embroiled in claims of a pervasive bullying culture and subject
to investigations by both WorkSafe ACT and the ACT Commissioner for Public
Administration, Ms Gallagher said the industrial issues needed to be
thoroughly addressed before any governance reforms were introduced.”

Well that’s for sure! CIT has failed to govern their resources and staff so far, so just what changes could make many of us have any confidence in the institution again? Give them even freer commercial powers? – Yikes!

Still, it seems that the Chief Minister Katy Gallagher thinks it could be done;

“''We would like to see the CIT become more independent, more transparent and
more accountable.

''But it will still require public money, and need to meet public
expectations as a training provider.''”

INDEPENDENT? TRANSPARENT? MORE ACCOUNTABLE? Well, the last two at least, but is it just me who sees danger in the first? Look how unaccountable they have been under the last decade at least as a part of the greater public service. Sounds like the minister would be pleased to see the end of them.

The article goes on to say that the Bradley review reckons CIT could save a packet through greater autonomy;

 “… an ACT Treasury report - prepared last year during the Bradley review
deliberations - suggested CIT could save $7 million in taxpayer funding a
year through greater autonomy. The savings would be made through course
consolidation, rationalising staff costs, reducing duplication and
restructuring management.”

Here, I will translate for you, ‘course consolidation’ – an end to affordable creative/humanities courses concentrating on vocational ones that make loads of money.

‘Rationalising staff costs'; simple … less staff, and/or more casual staff … more on this later.

‘reducing duplication’ … CIT are in competition with themselves from centre to centre let alone the fact that we duplicate courses that the universities also offer … in the past we have offered these courses in a different way … as we go commercial this will no longer be the case. More later ...

‘restructuring management’; who knows what this means although I know some management that need more than restructuring – they need a cracker up their rear end.

And CEO Adrian Marron says;

''We are increasingly being drawn into more a market domain but we operate
under a public service model, so we are looking at how we can move forward
in a more competitive way.''

Translation – we are nearing the end of the concept of free and public education.

I think it's a really bad idea but I guess you guys will do it anyway so I am OUT of here.

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