Sunday, September 16, 2012


Eventually the bullies trip themselves up. One never knows who is listening and some bullies have gotten away with it for so long they feel invincible. This one I have PERSONALLY heard say ... Well, so what (if they catch up with me) I'll just go back to teaching. Very confident wouldn't you say?

Once upon a time in a CIT Centre Far Far away ... there was a classroom of students ... in walks the bully full of confidence as usual and assuming all people in the room have their earphones on, says to his latest pet "YOU WILL DO THIS PROJECT FOR ME... REMEMBER I GOT YOU THIS JOB AND I CAN LOSE YOU THIS JOB ANYTIME I WANT".

Oh dear ... all it takes is for someone to report it, and for the poor harassed teacher to get jack of it too ... by the way, haven't CIT been put on notice that if bullying still happens during this 6 month period that they may be prosecuted? This bully is going  to get CIT into a heap of trouble ... very unfair for all the good folks there ... of which there are plenty ... I need to keep reminding myself of this in all the gloom and doom.

However, for the deserving bullies, bring on the ...

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