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You have messed with the wrong gal.
Hello all

I have decided to shoot my mouth off as you will see below. This is a letter I sent to Adrian Marron months ago that he did not address. It will help you see my point of view, how I see what happened to me at Communications Media and Music ... I have decided to name them as HELL ... Adrian Marron himself has in another place and on the INTERNET (see next post). Remember ...  I am only one of fifty, so just imagine the sordid crap that mostly casual teachers have been subject to.

I walked into Adrian's office one day and left with his assurance that he would 'look at my case again'. I have never heard from him. The victims of bullying and unprofessional behaviour by CIT are at the moment the proverbial mushrooms ... kept in the dark and fed nothing but bullshit ... hang on, they are not even fed bullshit ... but current staff are. In the next posts I will share the wishy washy bullshit being fed up to the current staff (hey I am current staff). 

I have so far suffered no consequences from writing on the blog and I guess I will eventually ... I will let you know when and if that occurs. I have absolutely no faith in my bid for reinstatement nor further work at CIT because there is a bully in very very high places (besides Adrian Marron) who I have upset and that person makes sure people who have disagreed with him/her disappear. Anyway, that person will hear much from me and others by the time this investigation is over. I feel quite justified in doing what I am doing - it may be 'unprofessional' by Australian Public Service standards but HELLO? CIT and professionalism? HELLO?????



I am not at all satisfied with the ‘reasons’ that A gave me for not re-employing me this year at Communications Media and Music even though you instructed A to give me reasons. I still find them evasive and/or untrue and NO different to the evasive ‘reasons’  offered in the first place. There is something else going on. A has never given me a direct answer as to why she decided to offer X the Y class and to completely shut me out of any Z classes as well.

My contention is that this situation of absolute professional disrespect came about through the disrespect and bullying I experienced by B. B still showed this disrespect and made comments to me and other staff members AFTER the mediation we had. Either B directly encouraged A not to re-employ me, or, A felt that I was a non entity given the clear attitude towards me that  B clearly showed over the time we were both employed at CIT. 

B made sure my contract was not renewed when both mine and A’s came up and a project I received funding for ($5,000) by the previous CEO was buried with the help of C. D  tried to help me, and indeed E left instructions for D that my contract be renewed and D will be able to confirm what happened when I present this case.

As you know that casual staff makes up almost 50% of your workforce and that by allowing A and B to treat me in this way you are effectively saying that 50% of your workforce can treat the other 50% in whatever why they see fit and nothing will ever be done about it. In what ways do you intend to show professional respect or protect your casual staff? In what way will I as a current staff member of five years standing get a fair hearing? 

Can you tell me in what ways I was not a fully functioning fully working staff member with the usual responsibilities of any fulltime staff including writing and delivering courses? I can see from your response that you spoke to A, the director and probably B as well.

Can you tell me when you will do me the professional courtesy of speaking to me? I am disappointed that my Centre Director  merely passed my first email where I asked what was happening with my work this year onto A. This further demonstrated to me that the Director had no concern about me as an individual and/or respected staff member and by this action she indicated that A and B  could do as they pleased. It is true that in their position they would usually be expected to do this – it was within their delegation - but by writing to the Director who also knew of my past with B – I was indicating that I did not have full confidence in the process but she chose to ignore my concerns.

As you know, I made a bid for reinstatement through unfair dismissal laws. This has been unsuccessful at this time because of a bias towards permanent staff and the definition of a casual. Casual staff are NOT all the same. Some casuals are intermittent, replace usual teachers and have no responsibilities apart from what we call ‘baby sitting’ a class while others like me have years of standing, increase the business, work beyond what any casual usually does, and are given responsibilities to write and deliver courses. Below are some examples.

In 2010, I was mentioned to you by the director at the Vocational College for my work with the  (students) who did my course as an ‘extra’. You were speaking about the  student who won an  award under my tutelage recognised by the director of the Voc College and by her teacher  who complemented me and told me of the mention. I saw this student with her own Zine publication at the Zine Fair and she said “It’s because of you that I am here, you showed me the possibilities of an artistic life”.

I also worked with WW College because of my connections with the College system and some of these students also came to CIT to do my  course then went on to do other CIT courses. Last year (the Education Manager at the time) and I were to meet with the Vocational College (despite B saying it was a waste of time) to further the relationship with the Vocational College and get BSSS approval for the Voc College students to do further courses with us and get recognition for their year 12.

In 2010 I had five WW students complete my course as well as five enrolments by Voc College students. An addition of 10 students is not a small thing for a semester class. In 2011 when two other colleges contacted me, I had to say that we had not yet gotten the BSSS approval so they did not enrol. The meeting with the Voc College about how to facilitate this was put on the back burner by (the Education Manager at the time) because of the work pressure on her as well as B continually saying despite evidence to the contrary, what a waste of time it was, and that it was not our ‘core business’. 

Now that A has put new casual staff on both of my classes the college connection will not happen and neither will the AT project although I did contact the new teacher  (a friend on facebook!) and put her in touch with  (art teachers) to encourage the continuance of the project because I loved it and so did the students. 

Neither will the AT Zine continue as I was using the EE students to work on parts of this project and A has decided to make this course ‘journalistic focused’ … which is nonsense, too narrow if it is true, or it may be an excuse to get rid of me. This course was designed by me and (a former Education Manager)  and got approval for use for ALL CMM students. For example, the course was used and appreciated by; (students)  who wanted to learn to edit for book publishing (they were also journalism and media students as well) as well as ‘pure’ journalists, and public servants who wanted to learn how to edit professionally. I note that the casual employed on this course is a journalist, has NO professional editing qualifications and NO work in a publications department such as I had at the National Gallery of Australia. 

Three students from this year’s current course have approached me and told me how disappointed they are that I have gone, that this exciting project (xyz) will not go ahead for them. They are xyz students, involved with the Zine Fair with gusto in 2011 and told me that the other students coming up who expected to be able to work on a ‘real’ writing and editing project will also miss out. 

I also note that a history lecturer from the ANU AL, and a public servant AS,  completed the editing course with me precisely because they wanted to learn professional editing markup language and editing principles for academic and work purposes. A professional editor knows the business of editing more precisely than does a journalist. I have worked as a journalist, but more importantly, a part of my work at the NGA was as editor to journalistic art essays for our website. 

Just last year, the director told you about the ZINE project I was doing with my students and asked me to send you a copy and tell you about the project. She also told me she proudly showed it to (a senior CIT person). This is the project that B did everything in his power to destroy and/or ‘give’ to A in another guise. There is long standing ‘professional jealousy’ from B towards me and he has encouraged it in A also.

I instituted the (AT)  project and was the FIRST staff member to insist at an all centre meeting with the previous director that we should have more staff and student cross discipline collaborations. When I had spoken to B about this previously he rubbished it as he did everything I suggested or did. (I would like to tell the director exactly what he said).  I note that the director has supported this project with gusto and taken on cross centre collaborations herself, especially with the all centre M initiative but I wonder has she any idea that I was the first to suggest it 5 years ago? 

It is incredible to me that the director and then you should allow the arbitrary dismissal (in fact and attitude)  of a staff member who is so experienced and qualified and has such standing in the writing and editing community of Canberra without any real explanation.

I am taking this matter further. Please find attached a copy of my letter to Mark McCabe the Workplace Commissioner. 

Lorese Vera


  1. Still no word from the big man. Wonder what kind of a man he actually is ...surprise me or bite me!

  2. Update 19/4/2013

    Hmmm .... I was very naive when I wrote this. Recent research shows that Adrian would be implicating himself if he did anything about my situation because the person who got rid of me was unqualified to do so. Adrian is covering his own arse, the arse of his deputy CEO past and present, and the centre director concerned.
    You know I thought for a while that I could actually appeal to his better side? Geez!