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All for one and one for all ... if you are a member of the Coven

"It is said that many hands make light work but I do wonder if many words will make right work???"

This is the response of a reader to CIT's long winded report Progress so Far of August 2012. Typical political speak makes minor moves look like mountains while burying the real issue deep in verbosity and this report is just that - the devil is in the detail and the devil is also in the lack of detail.  So much for transparency honesty integrity and the claim of real change.

Ok, so the WORST centres for bullying are named ... including the one where I worked and was bullied out of. SO far so good ..

 7. Increasing staff capability in key areas

The WorkSafe Report identified four work areas of CIT that were of particular concern. These were:
· CIT Tourism and Hotel Management;
· CIT Creative Industries;
· CIT Vocational College; and
· CIT HR. 

Given the work undertaken prior to the Ministerial Direction, CIT Tourism and Hotel Management (TH&M) has been the first priority for the staff capability development program.

So what exactly does increasing staff capability actually MEAN in light of claims of bullying? Now I am a pretty literate person, but sorry, I need it spelled out to me IN PLAIN ENGLISH - which is by the way a government directive since the 1970's in all public service correspondence. Which staff are to be made 'more capable'? The bullies? Will they be made 'more capable of not bullying' perhaps? OR, is it the bullied staff that will be made 'more capable' - of resisting bullying perhaps? And what of the many staff who have left in despair? How will they be made 'more capable'? How will what happened to them be redressed? Will they be reinstated? WHY is everything we hear coming out of CIT about current (full-time/permanent) staff? Because let me tell you, CIT has created an ‘us and them' situation here.
 THE WHOLE POINT IS THAT most (but not all) of the staff who have been bullied at CIT are casual or contract staff who have been bullied by full-time/permanent staff! And those cast into outer darkness HAVE NO ACCESS TO CIT INFORMATION via email or any other way. 

Has the CEO contacted them and without telling all his secrets perhaps given them some kind of progress report? - Has he CONSULTED with them as his report claims he has/will CONSULT with staff? I am one of 'them' and I can tell you, he was not too friendly to me though in normal circumstances I think he is a nice bloke, but these circumstances are far from ordinary. The one lousy assurance he gave me was never followed through on (unless it was discussed in CIT's 'secret meeting business') and in answer to my questions of what? When? He exclaimed that I had 'gone to the commissioner' ... well yes I said, AFTER you failed to do a damn thing! SO what is new? He could have nipped a lot of this in the bud some years ago but chose not to ... hence Mark McCabe's report. The complainants ... those bullied ... have to cool their heels until the investigation is over whilst they see their bullies still working at CIT. I have to tell you that some of those people are having serious mental health issues as we speak and the longer this drags on without any decent CONCILIATION move by the CEO, it is getting harder for them. 

Remember the report by Mark McCabe where he said being casual was itself a way that CIT bullied? Has ANYONE seen a single report/comment/assurance from the CEO that this is being redressed? Come on Adrian; toss us a crumb will you?

Consultation - I have not been consulted have you? A current permanent staff member at CIT who reads this blog said to me recently "We have no idea what is going on, yeah there are some emails but they don't say much, we read your blog to get information".

And someone else I spoke to recently said "As far as we can see it's business as usual, sure all we managers were called in and read the riot act about bullying by the minister- which was good and fair enough ...and by the way, your bully slunk into the meeting late" ...

What if the education manager IS the bully? What about suspension for the worst cases (Geeze they are as obvious as warts on a super models nose) ... of course the bully would be suspended on full pay unlike the casuals who are struggling in the dark, but it would be a gesture don't you think?



More later ...

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