Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Weighed in the scales and found wanting?

''We've been saying to staff very clearly that we want them to speak up, that the RED framework gives you a language to speak up and framework within which you can speak up, and so if we were investing this effort and not
seeing a tip-up, we'd be concerned.''
(Commissioner Andrew Kefford, October 3, 2012 article by Noel Towell Canberra Times.

http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/bullying-reports-up-in-public-servi ce-20121002-26xw9.html

ACT public servants and particularly those at CIT are currently being weighed in the scales of justice and many will be found wanting. This is good news for those of us with current complaints being investigated by the commissioners team. Of course I have a personal interest in what happens but also a much wider one. Even if I never work at CIT again (not sure if I even want to now), I will celebrate every shiver that I know is travelling down the backs of the bullies at CIT who know they are likely to be under investigation. I wish them sleepless nights commensurate with the sleepless nights they have caused others. 

Think of those unable to care for their families properly due to anxiety and loss of income. Think of the insult and blows not just personal but professional to the standing of individuals who have been bullied or otherwise unprofessionally dealt with at CIT. If you have witnessed the bullying of others or seen nepotism such as 'jobs for family and friends' or other behaviour at CIT, the commissioner wants to hear from you. Please don't take the 'I'm alright Jack' approach - there are many of you who have seen your (usually) casual colleagues treated poorly - have the heart and ethics to write to the commissioner. The bully need never know your name. In the words previously reported by Commissioner Andrew Kefford:

Commissioner for Public Administration Andrew Kefford confirmed the
investigations into the allegations that have plagued CIT since the 1990s
remained a work of progress. He said there were five public service
investigators on the case as well as an analyst to co-ordinate and
streamline, and a transcription and administrative support officer.

''The challenge here is the need to do it properly but do it quickly and I
deliberately haven't said when it will be finished,'' Mr Kefford said. ''It
will be finished when we get to the end and that's not seeking to be
evasive, that's me not seeking to put an artificial deadline on it.''

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