Monday, October 15, 2012


It's shit being older casual and bullied into the bargain

FROM THE AGE 6 Oct 2012
Stephan Lacy

"High anxiety

A survey of 1475 adult Australians has indicated that job insecurity is creating a high level of stress for many employees. And it's no surprise that the insecurity is highest for those workers in casual, part-time and self-employed positions.

Commenting on the survey, the secretary of the ACTU, Dave Oliver, says the casualisation of the Australian workforce has a lot to answer for.

"It didn't come as a significant surprise, the relationship between the high level of discomfort and those employed in precarious employment," he says."

We are hearing this constantly in the media of late but so far no news of what is being done about it.

CASUAL TEACHERS ... please write to your union ASAP and ask them what they are doing about members' job insecurity and the fact that especially in Canberra the Workplace Commissioner Mark Mccabe's Report said that keeping a largely casual workforce is ITSELF a way that CIT bullies ... ask them what they intend doing about it. Mike Fitzgerald in the CIT Organiser.

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