Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Launch of ACTPS Code of Conduct


The Commissioner for Public Administration and I launched the new ACTPS Code of Conduct this morning.  A copy is available (here:)

The Code builds on the ACTPS Values and Signature Behaviours launched earlier in the year and reflects ideas expressed during what has been an extended consultation process with staff across the Service. The Code is a formal articulation of the sort of organisation we all want the ACTPS to be, and the behaviour we expect of ourselves and our colleagues.

Over the coming months, there will be support to help teams define and agree what the Values and Signature Behaviours embodied in the Code mean for them and look like in practice in their workplace.  This will start with Executive Workshops that commence tomorrow. Support and materials will also be provided to managers of people across the service to assist them to better perform their critical responsibilities.

Given the diversity of workplaces across the ACTPS, we know that the local expressions of the Code will be different, but there will also be a consistency that reflects us all being part of the ACTPS. 

I encourage you to continue shaping our Service through contributing your ideas and having discussions with your team about what implementation of the ACTPS Code of Conduct looks like in your workplace.

The intention is that the ACTPS Values and Signature Behaviours, embodied in the Code, will be the foundation for further reforms including to our performance management and development framework, learning and development arrangements, recruitment decision making, and executive employment arrangements. 

More information on these aspects will be circulated in the coming months.

Andrew Cappie-Wood
Head of Service
31 October 2012


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