Friday, December 21, 2012


I was contacted by a concerned victim today who asked the question: "What is in it for us"? Meaning - what will be the outcome for we victims of bullying at CIT once the report is done and dusted? This person went on to say "Will CIT do something for us or will we have to take them to court"?

I think that sadly the answer to that is NOTHING. I do not think CIT will do anything for us of their own free will ... but I would LOVE to stand corrected and if I am I will announce it on this blog site. If I am contacted and offered my hours back, you will be the first to know.

I already know they are angry at US (the hide of them) for help in busting this thing open by coming forward. I think it would take a man of great ethical courage to right these wrongs, and I don't know if the CIT CEO Adrian Marron is that man. He may not even think some of us have a complaint considering how willing he was to overlook my case in the favour of people so obviously unqualified to affect my work in the first place. I appealed to him and my centre director to no avail - they will not easily admit they were wrong and injustices were done, and not just to ME but to at least 12 people (that I know of) in that centre.

I am very pleased to hear that Adrian Marron has some very very heavy reading over the Christmas break, so he can labour through the huge amount of files he has been given whilst we relax with our friends and family. Our Christmas may be more frugal than his - but at least we don't have all of us hanging over him as he does us.

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