Sunday, December 16, 2012


Some victims are suffering barbs being thrown at them for damaging the reputation of CIT! Incredulous but true. We victims were too once a part of the CIT, now excommunicated by the cult of bullying. 

A victim rang me today to talk about this so I have decided this is a timely post (again).The dent in the reputation of CIT belongs firmly with the bullies and those who protected them. In particular the group of people in powerful positions who bullied staff and the Education Managers these same people refused to deal with over in some cases, 20 years of bullying behaviour being reported against them.

Tough if you work there and don't like what is going on. Tough if you feel threatened. Some of you should be having sleepness nights around now and so you should. If you could experience the sleepness nights some of the victims had, it would only be fair. Not to mention the breakdowns and self harming. Bullying and protecting other bullies became such a way of life for you you thought you were entitled to make every new comer run the gauntlet of your disgusting behaviour.

You gutless cowards.

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