Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that this year’s federal election will be held on Saturday, 14 September.

It is up to us to make sure the election is decided on the real issues of importance for the future of Australians, such as job and income security and investment in public services and decent jobs.

Here at the Unions Australia contact centre, we've received thousands of calls over the last 12 months from people who are concerned about their pay rates, job security and unfair rostering.

Too many Australians are finding themselves trapped in casual and contract jobs with no security and no opportunity to plan ahead.

I promise to campaign through this year to ensure that the issues of job security, income security and rights at work are front and centre for all political parties. We will make it clear to politicians that how they respond to these concerns will be a big factor in how they are judged at the ballot box.

Now that we know when the election will be held, there is no excuse for Tony Abbott to keep the public in the dark about his plans.

Help us with this campaign, by joining us on Facebook and sharing this message with your friends and family. Together, we can make sure that on September 14th, we vote to protect secure jobs.

In solidarity,
Ged Kearney


  1. Thank you Ged ... a last a firm PROMISE from our union that you will fight for the rights of casual teachers.


  2. too late for my husband and myself who both lost our teaching contracts at the same time rendering our household incomeless at the christmas new year period (a great time for seeking teaching work!)

  3. Yes Helen, it stinks. I was bullied out of my contract and then my ongoing 'casual' job so I too have been unemployed over Christmas. Fortunately for me and other properly qualified teachers (unlike the person who got rid of me) I have many more things I can do than just work at CIT. Hope you and your husband get some work soon ... term has started.

  4. Update .... well, its the 3rd of Jan 2014 and i can;t see where the union have done a bloody thing to help casuals at CIT or anywhere!