Monday, January 28, 2013


Please see UPDATE at bottom of this post

 Even though this is detailed in an article from the Australian Education Union (somewhat) I want to make clear what happens with the large wad of complaints that Adrian Marron was given to read over the holidays.

Yes, as CEO of CIT he was given our statements to read even where they named him as a part of the bullying system. Now we wait on his integrity.

It is now UP TO HIM to decide whether the complaints warrant further investigation and ACTION by CIT ... yes, that's right folks, CIT gets to in essence hold an internal investigation of their own .. a bit like the cops investigating corrupt cops. The exception to this is when victims have started legal proceedings (some have).

So, many of us wait with bated breath to see what kind of a man Adrian Marron is. I think at the very very least he should apologise for not acting in the interests of his CASUAL as much as his PERMANENT staff.

He also does need to roll some heads down the aisle. The union article called this 'disciplinary action'. Well, that could be anything from a slap on the hand to a sacking. SO what will it be I wonder?

In my opinion (and all of the victims I assure you) Adrian NEEDS TO REMEDY the EFFECTS OF THE BULLYING ... my hand is up Adrian.

He also needs to apologise for not taking seriously and acting on permanent staff member complaints. He has already undertaken in writing to make real changes, but that is just all blah blah blah until the victims are contacted and something done for them (us, me).

Any other suggestions from victims out there? Write and let me know what you would like to see done.

Depending on WHAT we see done over the next few months we will then continue to talk to politicians  media, union and the commissioner.

CIT cannot be allowed to do this behind closed doors and tell the community they have fixed it all. This is how the bullying happened ... behind closed doors.

A casual knocks at the door of the CIT justice department


Since writing the post above, I have learned further information. Adrian Marron was not in all cases, merely given our statements to read. He was give a report of sorts that outlined the main complaints. It is not accurate to say that if he does not agree with the recommendations from the investigating team that that will be the end of it. 

On the contrary:

1.The CEO of CIT is required to give answers as to WHY he disputes any particular complaint.

2. That is, he cannot make blanket denials (as per past practice).

3.Things are too public and have gone too far for CIT to ignore the complaints.  

4. The investigating team can then look at these 'counter claims' or 'counter arguments' again.  

5.The minister does of course have last word on any  disciplinary measures.

I am not sure where it all ends. I do not know how many times claims and counter claims are allowed. I do not know at what stage either side can decide legal action is appropriate. If I find out answers to these questions I will post them.

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