Thursday, February 21, 2013


There appears to be a huge whitewash at one of the centre's most guilty of bullying at CIT as named in commissioner McCabe and Keffords reports.

The director of this centre gained only a 20% approval rating from staff in a staff survey.

Staff have expressed to me their depression, frustration and despair that the promised changes will ever be realised. As one said; "They (CIT) told us we could complain and when we did nothing happened, what is the point complaining when nothing ever happens?". 

Staff at the above centre were called together to apparently talk about the survey results which were quite open and public to the centre (I was wrong when I said earlier it was not officially known). The centre director was in attendance and staff felt quite restrained from saying anything because they were in the room. Apparently one staff member pointed this out to the meeting whereupon they were told they could anonymously put comments into sealed envelopes!  Hardly conducive to open discussion!

Considering it was the centre director who has ignored bullying concerns and seems unable to accept any responsibility for the unhappiness of staff and the administrative mess the place is in, you would wonder why they did not have the good grace to leave the meeting at some stage.

A part of the responsibilities of a public service manager is to admit to mistakes when they have been made - and to the 'Indians' not in private management meetings where the main aim is to go into damage control,  cover the arse and save the job of the 'miss-manager'. This manager cares not a fig for the staff and continues to show them the complete disrespect that indifference to them has produced. 

Management appear to have convinced the ACT Government that they have made changes - but many of the staff at CIT do not believe this and more to the point they are not experiencing it in any tangible way apart from endless surveys, online training and email assurances from the CEO that new policies are in place. These polices are just so much blah blah blah until real results are shown at the coalface - where the people are hurting. 

Whole of staff meetings look great on paper where CIT are able to report that that have 'consulted' with staff and been  'open and honest' but let me tell you, many staff involved in the 'whole of staff' meeting I have described above left feeling they had just been slapped with a big fat brush dipped in a pot of white paint. Above all, they need their centre director to accept some responsibility in their presence - to tell them they have been heard.

At another named CIT centre, the centre director came to the meeting, declared  to staff It's not my job to  make you happy, then left the meeting to them. No, it is not your job to make them happy but it IS your job to show them some respect, to listen to their concerns and to make sure you never have another manager who YELLS at them when they make mistakes, treats them like idiots, and has such a need to control people that they only notice errors and not good work, and treats the staff like ignorant fools.

This arrogant exercise is exactly what has been going on at CIT for years and is exactly how the bullying came about. The management would not hear and/or ignored complaints of bullying against their 'friends' at CIT - many actively covered them up! A certain person in high places grabbed a file and throwing it into the nearest waste bin declared; "This is what I think of all of the complaints against XXX"

Many at CIT get their jobs because of 'friends in high places' - a friend in high places at CIT rang and told a certain person to apply for a job which was won - guess who was on the interview panel? Then another friend of the above high up person becomes the new employees mentor - the mentor also has been friends with the person in the top job for years - it is open gossip that no one gets anywhere at CIT if this person does not like you and you are only liked if you are hand picked by this person and even if you are, you still likely to run the gauntlet of a rude and abusive management style.

The qualifications of many of these people 'in high places' have been shown to be dubious to begin with - if they were not qualified enough they were rushed through the necessary quals but should not have been in certain positions until they had the quals - one rule for friends of friends - another for the rest of us.

We wait with baited breath to see if the huge amount of resources spent on this investigation has been worth it, or a huge waste of tax payers money. Will the ACT Government have the guts to break this 'circle of friends' masquerading as management of an important and so far respected public education institution? That respect is slowly slipping while this white wash is allowed to continue.


  1. Please note that I originally said that the approval rating of only 20% for one centre director at CIT was only known by gossip - I was wrong. A 'whole of staff' meeting was called where this statistic was known. Otherwise, the white wash scenario is accurate. Should any more information come to hand I will post it.

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