Saturday, June 22, 2013


I have come to believe that nothing substantial will happen at CIT. I think we have had the wool pulled over our eyes. Kefford and Gallagher are happy to have been seen to be doing something .... CIT is perceived as making changes and perhaps slapping a few lower staff on the wrist. I no longer believe there was ever any will to really bring those senior people into line. Kefford and his team have used us. We were NEVER going to get satisfaction ... I will never get my apology and XXX and XXX will continue as usual. I have asked  Kefford's office over and over if our individual complaints will be answered by CIT or more precisely if Kefford's office will REQUIRE CIT to do so and after much evasive action I (think they indicated yes) ... so in other words no! I just wanted to believe it! So why exactly did we put our necks on the line? Why did we spill our guts only for Jenny Dodd to be privy to our private thoughts and agonies? I don't trust her with my written complaints do you? Did Kefford and his office actually warn or tell us that she was going to see them?

If people are 'disciplined', it will be done in secret and behind closed doors. The bullied will never have the satisfaction of seeing the results of their complaint. A transparent process? What a load of bullshit! Will Jenny Dodd write to the bullied and personally apologise for what happened to them? Will she inform them of the outcome of the discipline process of their tormentors? Note that she apologises ahead of time to her current staff on her staff circular advising them that if the stress gets to them they should get counselling!

And what does she say to the bullied? Not a fucking word! The attitude of many at CIT is clearly against those who have complained! A certain Hub manager has since removed from her public facebook page the post where she crows about being found to have done no wrong and her staff get on and congratulate her and the wife of the HEAD OF SERVICE get on and commiserates with her asking 'what on earth is going on there?  As though she doesn't know!  OH PLEASE. But don't worry, we kept screen shots of the offending run of comments.

If Jenny Dodd contacts me and assures me that X will apologise to me or even if Jenny does so on her behalf you will be the first to know! I have a suspicion that her mention of speaking to the public solicitor will be more about trying to get dirt on the complainants and seeing what she can do to worm her and CIT's way out of trouble than letting 'her' staff know they might be in big trouble .... do write to me and prove me wrong Jenny and I will eat humble pie, Christ, I am used to that by now!



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