Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Plum tuckered out
Almost a month between posts is unheard of. The bullied have still received no word from Mr Kefford's office nor are we hearing MUCH of what is going on at CIT though we do know that a certain staff member with many complaints against them have been standing outside the principals office quite regularly. The wheels may grind slowly but this is ridiculous - makes you understand how some people give up and stop striving for justice - they just get plum tuckered out!

Although, to be fair, as Andrew Kefford pointed out, the new acting CEO has had to do a lot of reading to get on top of all of the documents around the bullying issue that Adrian Marron was previously dealing with, so a time delay is understandable.

I have been told by a birdie out there to watch the media for the CIT bullying issue becoming an embarrassment for the  Federal Labor Government considering it developed on the ACT Labor Governments watch, but this does not make me happy. As much as I want the CIT issue dealt with, I vote labor and will be severely pissed off with CIT if this is the outcome. I'd say it is more likely a senior public servant will become the fall guy or gal. Just maybe, just maybe, the right one will fall ...

Well, I guess its still wait and see.

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