Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I read a very distressing letter yesterday. It is in EXACTLY the same format of many letters I have read of bullying denials from CIT over years and years - there are quite a few files of the things!

This was a letter to tell someone of the decision of a complaint they made about the unprofessional conduct they experienced at CIT when in a meeting with several CIT staff members. The letter merely states that CIT has investigated the allegation and finds them unsubstantiated and therefore will be taking no further action. IS THIS what so much of the tax payers money has been spent on? Was there not an assurance from the investigators office that individual complaints would be dealt with transparently? This letter just states "we asked, they said Nuh, end of discussion". Well actually, it does not even say 'we asked'.

Where is evidence such as "We asked A and A stated that ..." "B says they could have been more available to you ..." "We spoke to C and D and reminded them of their responsibilities to ... even though they don't feel they did .... they have undertaken to ...Etc. There is no absolutely no evidence of ANY PROCESS by CIT. So how is this different to how they have behaved in the past? No different of course.They have even used the same form letter.

What an arrogant response from an arrogant organisation. OF COURSE they found nothing but denials - 4 or 5 CIT representatives at a meeting with one complainant sometime in the past? What else are these CIT staff members going to say but 'no, we were not rude, nasty, sarcastic, unprofessional', whatever. Of course they are not!

Proof is ALWAYS going to be the problem here. This is the problem of the amount of time that has passed and the fact the complainants having no right of reply. CIT also intimated in the letter that the complainant has 'been heard' by the investigators office, has now 'been heard' by CIT, so can now just go away.

CIT is going to have to come up with something better than that offering. At the very least some face to face meetings need to take place with those involved. Considering that CIT CANNOT possibly disprove what the complainant has said, they need to word their dismissive letters with much much more grace. They could for example admit that it was very likely staff in the past were not as respectful as they could have been, apologise if that was the case, and give assurances that changes mean that managers will be well trained, will be held accountable, and that ANY future complaints will be dealt with swiftly and respectfully in PERSON and not closed with arrogant dismissive letters. After all this response is BUSINESS AS HAS BEEN USUAL at CIT. It is not enough for them to say these things in the media, to current CIT staff, in the Legislative Assembly. CIT  need to say them directly personally and with some bloody grace and respect to the individual hurt at CIT.

There are some positives that I hope can come out of this - even though the CIT staff members denied their behaviour, (THAT IS IF THEY WERE ASKED) they at least have had to answer questions, be embarrassed, maybe (we hope) a little bit distressed perhaps in equal measure to how the complainant felt and JUST MAYBE in the future they will realise they have a responsibility to others. Hopefully they will think first before they dare to humiliate a lower CIT staff member. They have gotten away with disgraceful behaviour over years and years  and they are all culpable no matter what they say.

The Delegate concerned is DISGRACEFUL and I for one will be writing to that person.

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