Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This morning I spoke to a lowly CIT staff member who is however, permanent. And I quote "We are still depressed, and scared, even our immediate manager said "Keep quite, don't upset X". When I said "YOU NEED TO SPEAK OUT" she said, "We can't, we are full time, we will lose our jobs".

This group feel no-one is listening to them. This person described the way staff hate some of the things they are asked to do - they think the work is not being done is a sensible way but does anyone ask them how they feel about it? No, because this manager does not give a shit. What has happened to CIT respecting their staff and asking for their opinion and feedback?

This staff member went on to say; "X is really really awful, really nasty, we are so cranky they gave x the job back, X was on a special project for a while and now X is head of the department."

Yes, well, business as usual at CIT. At CIT you can be a hopeless nasty vindictive manager with a myriad of complaints against you but no matter - you will be protected and allowed to go on your merry way. They will even move you around a bit so it appears you are not in a management position for a while, then in indecent haste they'll bring you back.

Meanwhile, the managers are writing to the lowly complainants and telling them it was all bullshit.

I have said it before but not in so plain a manner - you can be a complete ARSEHOLE at CIT but so long as you are in management you will be protected. On the other hand, you can't be qualified or educated enough at CIT if someone does not like you.

What is plain after seeing the fob off letters to complainants, is that THE SAME MANAGEMENT accused of mobbing former complainants of several years back and writing the 'we have no case to answer letters' are THE SAME writing those same letters today. Chief Minister and Andrew Kefford, What in the hell were you thinking to allow this situation to continue?

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