Friday, November 15, 2013


All complainants that I know of were sent a letter from the acting CEO at CIT. As you will see in the next post, the letter is generic with some points that are specific to individual cases inserted - I will put a row of XXXX's for these.

It is a lazy letter, with the acting CEO merely quoting Andrew Kefford's report as 'proof' that CIT have taken our complaints seriously and have taken steps to make changes but of course, there is not a single bit of detail or proof. Oh, and the bullying awareness training was a joke - I don't accept that as evidence at all. I still worked there at the time and took that training myself. It was online questions with obvious answers and you could not close the exercise until you got 100% correct. It took about 10 minutes. Then CIT had the gall to quote 'compliance' statistics - so what! Who was not going to comply? The bullies did the exercise too. Do I think a 10 minute multiple choice Q and A made them fall sobbing to their knees in realisation of what they have done promising never to do it again?

We may or may not get some satisfaction as to our individual complaints, but as important to our complaints and to anyone who ever works there again, is the fact that employment practices and the treatment of casual worker goes to the heart of the bullying.  As far as I am concerned, if employment practices from at least 2010 are not forensically investigated and there is nothing done about the specific treatment of casual teachers - I cannot see how a lot has changed at all though I do applaud training for anyone managing - if only I had the proof of this.

Most annoying  are constant assurances that MANAGEMENT practices are being improved but that is ALL they are - assurances. If the acting CEO writes to me with proof and examples of how the Performance Management structure has been redesigned to be bottom up as well as top down - I will begin to believe that real change is happening. If she writes and says ' Now we are doing A B and C, so these things will ensure that what happened to you does not happen to others' - I will go a step further still. So far, CIT have the gall to expect us to be happy with mere assurances when over the last ten years they firstly denied there was a problem and when pressed by formal complaints merely told the complainant their complaints were 'unfounded' after an 'official and internal investigation' - by cronies of course. Some they accused of being mentally ill, one they took to court and took out a restraining order, others were met with a wall of silence or veiled threats of 'send no more letters'. Then CIT were dragged kicking and screaming into 'agreeing' to an investigation after the McCabe Report (The Chief Minister gave them no choice), then Andrew Kefford and CIT both claimed that CIT ASKED for the investigation!

Now both Kefford's report and the apology from the acting CEO tell us that it was nowhere as bad as McCabe indicated and that changes are happening - but where is the detail? What changes? Can we see the training packages the managers are undertaking? Can we be sent the new Performance Management material so that we can see how it works? Can we be sent copies of all the new policies that must SURELY be in place for them to claim that CIT is now the most compliant of workplaces! Come on, given the history why would we trust a word CIT says?

Actually, a questions and answers session with the acting CEO would be good - Think I will write and suggest it. See the actual letter next post.

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