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Yes, its been a long time. Sometimes this stuff makes you sick to your stomach and you need a break. Plus, we all have lives apart from doing the Bullying Tango with CIT.

So here is what has been happening - In October 2013 Commissioner Kefford's 'final' report on CIT came out. Google ...

Managing People and Resolving Workplace Issues - Chief Minister

Then Andrew  Kefford sent all of the complainants 'apology letters' where he basically apologised for our experiences at CIT. So far so good. I am quite sure he means the apology too - I think he is as disgusted as anyone with what has gone on there, but, it seems he is limited in what he can do under the parameters of the investigation set by who? - Probably the Chief Minister. None of us knew about the limits of the investigation until very later in the piece - when we had all already spilled our guts.

In my very first meeting with Andrew Kefford I asked him what would happen if people refused to cooperate with the investigation. He then declared words to the effect that if they were subpoened by a court they could hardly refuse. So you can see how serious I thought this investigation was. Now I find, it has been a political exercise all along.

Andrew Kefford's letter said there were still matters outstanding and under investigation so I guess in that sense, his report was not quite final. I am assuming (with some knowledge) that the things still under investigation are the matters not too easy to address, some very long standing and some affecting people high up at CIT - so likely to be politically difficult.

Now, this last bit is the great worry for me and others as 'Delegates' - apparently from CIT are currently looking at the complaints and investigating them. Both Andrew Kefford and the Acting CEO at CIT have said this. As I have said over and over - sending them off to CIT to 'investigate' and make decisions on is hardly very reassuring to victims considering the past ... but as 'my matters' are among them, I am of course in a position to tell you at a later date how they were handled. From what I have seen though, I reckon I will just be told things have been 'dealt with', I will be given no details, and I will be expected to believe this is all true. Remember, NO BULLY has suffered any disciplinary action as yet though I believe they are currently being 'spoken to'. Well, tell ya what, ya can all spit in my eye and call me Bob if my bully is disciplined and if I am offered an apology 'from the lying horse's mouth' and if I see something done about a certain person of notorious disposition and fame.

Very worrying too is that we complainants HAVE NO RIGHT TO REPLY! So, our bully can say what they like, they have had 2 plus years to get together a case, they will tell the 'Delegate' - apparently internal CIT folks whatever they want and yet WE can have nothing further to say. Let me tell you, most of us WOULD NOT HAVE trusted this process if we had been clearly told about this from the outset.

OK, other point in Kefford's report was that in complete contradiction to Commissioner Mark McCabe of WorkSafe ACT - who first blew the whistle on CIT - saying that bullying at CIT was systemic - Andrew Kefford said the opposite was true, that it was confined to a 'few small areas', and the acting CEO has gleefully repeated this many times since. Well, if 57 complaints are confined to a 'few areas' (IF they are) then 57 out of a staff of about 1,800 is still a large amount of complaints and considering the seriousness of said complaints, even a SINGLE complain is serious - especially when we are speaking of illegal employment practices affecting many more people than the actual complainants.

There are two things that Andrew Kefford has not so far mentioned in his report so we have to assume they are NOT on the agenda. If they are though, it would be very easy to tell the complainants that these things are indeed being looked at  - AND they are the most serious.

One is the alleged illegal and or corrupt employment practices and the other is the problem of casual and contract staff. In his report, McCabe said that the sheer number of casual staff that CIT keep has allowed the amount of bullying that has gone on - yet this is not mentioned AT ALL in Kefford's report nor the letter from the acting CEO at CIT.

OK, so what I and many others are waiting for is THE TRANSPARENT PROCESS that was promised. NOTHING so far has been transparent. Despite Andrew Kefford's denials and very cross strong words to me in a meeting - the complainants have been very much in the dark all along and continue to be so. The acting CEO kept CURRENT staff somewhat informed - but not a word to us until a few weeks ago, which I will share with you in the next post.

The biggest question of all is -why is there a 'final' report at all if things are not finalised?

I will also link or copy the complete report on my next post but for now you'll excuse me if I go and take the moussaka out of the oven.

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