Saturday, November 16, 2013

Standards for the conduct of inquiries and investigations for ACT Agencies

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and here, a 2010 version

Standards for the conduct of inquiries and 
investigations for ACT Agencies 

These Standards are based upon two documents. The first is Fact-finder: A 20-step 
guide to conducting an inquiry in your organisation published by the NSW Independent 
Commission Against Corruption in May 2002. The second is the Australian Government 
Investigation Standards Package recently issued by the Australian Government. 
The ACT Chief Minister’s Department would like to thank the Independent Commission 
Against Corruption and the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police for 
permission to adapt these documents for use by ACT agencies. 
These Standards will be reviewed after one year of operation. If you have any 
comments on how they may be improved, would you please submit them to the 
Executive Director, Industrial Relations and Public Sector Management Group by 1 July

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