Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I am a bully and you don't scare me, a big fat bully and you don't scare me.
"FCB Group, workplace relations lawyers and advisors, recently polled its clients over the new laws. Managing partner Campbell Fisher said that while almost all businesses had existing policies and procedures in place to prevent bullying, only half undertook regular training to reinforce anti-bullying practices.

Mr Fisher warned companies to take steps ''to avoid being made the poster child for the new jurisdiction if a claim happens to be made early in 2014''." (from Article by Clay Lucas, The Age, December 2013)


Well, I think CIT already qualifies as the Poster Child of workplace bullying for the ACT. We are yet to see ANY BULLY at CIT suffer consequences and yet here we are in 2014 and anything that comes from the office of Commissioner Kefford, CIT and minister Joy Burch aims to MINIMIZE the truth of the amount of bullying and the damage it has caused the reputation of CIT and its victims. We have still NOT seen the transparent processes we were promised, and the above mentioned 'politicians' still put an overly positive spin on anything coming out of CIT whilst writing to victims and letting them know their complaints have been refuted.

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