Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This feedback is from a member of the riotact I have known about it for over a year but didn't share it in case I was accused of blowing my own trumpet. But, I think it is useful. Also useful is a contact I had from someone who said reading my blog gave them the courage to put in a formal complaint at their workplace and when they feel discouraged they read it again to get inspired and it makes them braver! That is huge praise indeed.

It would help if more people posted feedback on here but so many people are stressed and frightened that I understand it is a difficult thing for people to do. Some people have a terror of being recognised by their workplace - how sad is that? The terror and shame should be on the workplace that makes people feel like this the creeps!

loresev6:48 pm, 18 Jun 12

scorpio63 said :
Congratulations L for supporting other victims of bullying in the workplace – your selflessness, kindness, time and energy addressing bullying has been years overdue. I hope someone nominates you for a Community award assisting others in the past. Any person who utters a negative comment to you is demonstrating their own bullying dispositional traits and I see you are well versed and wise by ignoring those comments; I look forward to contributing my own story one day on your site.
Thanks so much Scorpio63. I very much appreciate your comments. Lorese


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