Thursday, January 9, 2014


Thank you Mike.
I would like to thank Mike Fitzgerald who was the TAFE organiser of the Australian Education Union ACT Branch. Mike has recently 'retired' after working tirelessly over many years to ensure people bullied at CIT were helped and supported.

 Mike  is what I call a truly decent man, a dying breed. He had astounding ethics and principles. Here is what someone wrote to me about him this morning;

Mike was the exception, in every way possible, to the rule. I do not believe he can be competently replaced this side of Christendom, or even in time-immemorial. Sadly the members are on their own again.

Mike was ... copping it from all sides and it was a testament to his character that he saw it through for so many of us in the way that he did and for so long.

Indeed he did!

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