Monday, February 24, 2014


A group of us attended the ACT Legislative Assembly this morning to hear a speech by Liberal MLA Steve Doszpot that attempted yet again, to get a reaction, any reaction, by The ACT Labor Government on the subject of CIT.

I was absolutely disgusted that Chief Minister Katie Gallagher took all of the time in her answer to praise her Education Minister Joy Burch and simply ignored the CIT issue all together.

I was surprised and disappointed when Greens Shane Rattenbury referred to CIT and the bullying obliquely as 'others matters well covered in the assembly before'. In other words, he also does not give a shit and supports The Governments shoddy handling of this matter as well as sharing their disrespect of the victims.

I will be posting Steve Dozspot's speech in its entirety as soon as I can get an electronic copy.

Meanwhile, letters are going out to Minister Burch and Shane Rattenbury.

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