Saturday, February 15, 2014


A victim recently wrote to minister Burch asking her to deal with the inadequate 'apology' letter he received from CIT. You'll never guess what she did! She referred him to Andrew Kefford's office! Typical buck passing that has been going on for years. She would know (or she should or she does not deserve to be in her position), that Andrew Kefford has passed on most cases to CIT for them to deal with as they see fit. Andrew Kefford has no powers (so he has led me to believe), to make any recommendations to CIT about the inadequacy or otherwise of the apology letters. In fact, as I said in other posts, it seems that the investigation is over as far as Kefford's office is concerned. 

Andrew Kefford's office found that 'bullying was not systemic and was confined to a couple of small areas'. Joy Burch and CIT love to throw this 'fact' around the legislative assembly. As Joy Burch has often been a apologist for CIT, she is not going to support any victim claiming the CIT apology is inadequate.

Despite the 'final report' that has come out of Kefford's office with the 'apology' letter that followed quickly on its heels, actually, the investigation IS NOT over ... so it makes me ask, why the 'final report' then? Even staff still working at CIT have said to me, "oh, its all over, the final report is out" ... and I have to tell them its not true! I think the 'final' report that was not a final report was pushed out for this very reason - to draw a line in the sand to create the impression that it was all over. 

What it does show, is that CIT has been given permission by Andrew Kefford's office and therefore the Chief Minister to limit the the outcomes and admissions made by CIT to the public and to the victims merely to changing some polices and procedures that we have to take on faith - having seen no evidence. In addition, statements by CIT and Kefford's office show in the language of 'a couple of small areas' - that it is NOT THEM - the management who have any case to answer but some nebulous CIT 'small areas' .... WHO or WHAT ARE these 'small areas'? Will we see a fall guy or two soon? I can think of one at least who would be a good candidate.

There are several  matters (including mine) that are still being investigated either at Keffords office and/or at CIT by so called 'delegates'. What has consistently come from the delegates so far are letters of denial and statements that CIT considers the matter closed. The same victim above who wrote to Minister Burch was called in by CIT last year for a 'meeting'. At that meeting, the victim reported to me,  one of the delegates basically told them that the past bullying was not that bad, and that the area they worked in was actually a lovely and safe place to work! THIS DESPITE this area being one of those named in the McCabe and subsequent reports!

So when will we get to hear of the results of the 'couple of small areas' that have been admitted to by Kefford's office and CIT? Will there be a follow up 'final report after the final report' that is as transparent as was promised? Considering that CIT and now Kefford's office are ignoring every email I send them no doubt because I have offended them, how will they share the knowledge of what has happened with these 'couple of small areas'. Will they announce that persons have been disciplined? 

What if I and the other people (in double digits) that I know who are awaiting the outcome of their 'matters' get the 'we investigated and found CIT have no case to answer' letter ... many of which we have seen so far but NONE that say ... 'yes, you have been bullied and this is what we have done about it'. What if not one letter goes out admitting bullying by CIT? Or even unprofessional conduct ... which is what I have mainly accused some at CIT of? That would be the investigation you have without having an investigation ... why the hell would the government spend all this time and money on an investigation that finds in the end that no one was bullied ... and keeps all processes secret?

WHY the secrecy around this and why the hatred of CIT towards me and others ... don't worry, I have felt it in many ways. They are angry and furious with us not just for being a part of the investigation but for continuing to try to call them to account.

Is it really enough that the outcome of this whole fiasco - as it seems likely to be now, is merely that CIT gets to say 'yes, we had bullies in a couple of 'small areas' and we have now put procedures and policies in place to make sure it does not happen again'. Well, I can tell you personally that the attitude of upper management to me and all the other victims I know is one of utter disdain. THE SAME management that treated our complaints so disdainfully in the past ARE THE SAME management and delegates responsible for implementing the recommendations from Keffords office but as they see fit!

This fiasco of an investigation will not be believable until the managers themselves admit to their part in the serious mismanagement of past complaints as well as their current arrogant attitudes. With their present attitudes, I'd feel sorry for anyone game to put in a complaint to them now! In fact, a CIT staff member said this very thing to me yesterday 'We've seen what's  gone on and now it makes us even LESS LIKELY to complain about anything'! What a sad reflection on the promised new era of openness and respect! What a sad comment on CIT and the investigation! Shame CIT Shame. Shame ACT Labor Government, Shame.

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