Thursday, March 13, 2014


They said WHAT?
Well, I have not stopped laughing. I received my letter from CIT yesterday that said "on the balance of probabilities no misconduct occurred and CIT will be taking no further action". So I was not bullied and neither were the other 12 people ranging over about 10 years ... some of who don't know and have never met each other ... who were bullied by the same person! Hmm, collective insanity?

I can laugh, but for others it is no laughing matter. Some have not been able to rise from beneath the stress caused by the contempt of CIT and now the ACT Labor Government.  For me, I have moved on and have a much better job and am glad never to have to brush shoulders with my bully again ... though I would like to see them in a social setting because I could have a few words .... hmm. In a sense this experience has been great for me because I have learned a lot about politics. I have seen how corrupt some in power can become. I have seen how some public servants quite forget they are PUBLIC SERVANTS and the only person they are serving is themselves and their cronies.

Where to from here? Where indeed ... more later.

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