Thursday, December 11, 2014


ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher
Katy Gallagher’s reply to Steve Doszpot confirms the things I have said in this blog all along and what many who have been bullied at CIT have been expressing too. Katy Gallagher presided - through her workplace Commissioner, over her own government’s investigation into one of its own agencies. She has no doubt crossed the legal 'Ts' and dotted the legal 'I's and cannot be forced to disclose the details of the investigation but this is no longer the issue. She has shown once and for all in this letter to Steve Doszpot that she believes that NO bullies were found at Canberra Institute of Technology. 

This of course beggars belief as we know many of our bullies are still working there despite some quite pathetic excuses in her letter for why none were found.

This merely means that an investigation should be taken elsewhere as her government could not be trusted to be transparent about the process despite her and Kefford’s claims that they would be. 

It is very strange indeed then, that she should then come out in the media and admit, and I quote:
“Facing questions about recent instances from across directorates including Territory and Municipal Services, ACT Health, the Canberra Institute of Technology and police and fire agencies, Ms Gallagher said more work was needed to improve workplace culture.”

“"I think there is no doubt that there are issues, a problem, that people come to work and feel like they are bullied or harassed,"” she told the committee.

Ah, people just FEEL they are bullied or harassed?

“"We've put in place processes to manage those and to try as much as we can to not allow them to happen again."”

There WERE NO bullies at CIT according to her letter to Steve Doszpot! But there are bullies in other places? What places exactly? Which of the other agencies her government administers? I am wondering if this is a preparatory face saving exercise for her should it come out in the media that the Administrative Appeals Tribunal has found that people were bullied at CIT? And there were two people found to have been bullied at CIT and their cases got wide coverage – that of Patrick Reubinson
 and Julia Knight.

As I have said on many occasions, if I and I know many others, had had a full understanding of just how this whitewash of an 'investigation' would go about its business, none of us would have gone along with it.

What is even more galling is that she praises the work of ‘senior executives’ in curbing bullying when it was they who were the bullies! People with power over others and little management talent or training were the norm at CIT and they are probably the norm in all of the public service for all I know.

I do know that I put in a complaint about a senior person at CIT (who has now been promoted to much greener pastures) and this case was totally ignored by the investigation. In fact, Kefford said to my face that he had ‘full confidence in her’ – so in other words – case closed! Make NO MISTAKE, senior bullies at CIT have gotten away Scott free.

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher told a Legislative Assembly hearing on public accounts on Monday that bullying rates among the territory's 20,000 bureaucrats had reduced because of the work of senior executives. But as in other jurisdictions, lower-level staff continued to face unacceptable harm in the workplace.”

This quote is a bit woolly too. Is she saying that the bureaucrats were bullying each other? Then WHO IS BULLYING the lower-level staff? Are they bullying each other? I was never bullied by a ‘lower level colleague’ and neither were any other ‘lower level colleagues’ that I know of bullied by anyone but a MANAGER and then SENIOR EXECUTIVES when they dared to speak up!
Oh come on Katy, powerful people are the bullies. I am fed up to the neck with your political double speak.

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  1. A correction that I will add to the post above when I have worked ou how to do that on my smart phome is the correct spelling of Patrick's name which is PATRICK REUBINSON.